Encountering the Living God

with real friends in real life.

a small church with a big heart

Bridge Builders

Join us each Sunday at 10 AM for a “house church” style experience. Sometimes we have live worship, always we pray and hear the Word.

Public launch!

We will transition from Bridge Builders to public worship on Sunday, September 11th.

Latest News

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Kingdom Concept

The Kingdom Concept answers “why do we exist?”. The answer is the same for all churches…”we exist to glorify God and make disciples” and at the Bridge the fruit of this mission is best witnessed through “authentic transformation” one life at a time.

Our Missional Mandate answers “what are we doing?”. We “Encountering the Living God with Real Friends in Real Life”. Walking with Chris is best experienced through deep, authentic relationships with other believers lived out in obedience to God’s truths.

Parenting illustrated by a large and small paperclip holding hands

Families on Mission

Our five year vision is to seek the Lord’s guidance on how to best support “family-first discipleship” together as a body of believers.

The church is a place to equip parents, not replace them in this God-given role. There is generational power in families centered around the Gospel with intentional discipleship in the home as the daily foundation.

The Bridge Church
2 Fairview Ln
Hancock, MN 56244